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Haute Holiday Decor with Hūza Home Concepts

There are two kinds of moms: those that bring out their holiday decor on November 1st, and those that abruptly throw up their tree the week before Christmas. We (Nikki and Simona) each represent one of the aforementioned moms. And if you know us, you know who is who.  

The holiday season is exciting, but can also be stressful, especially if you’re the (un)lucky family member hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas. And even if you’re gung ho to decorate, you may not know where to look, what to buy and how to avoid spending your entire Christmas budget on seasonal decorations. Sound familiar? Is this your current struggle, sis? If so, DMV Mom Tribe Mama, Malaika Lubega, Professional Home Organizer and interior decorator at Hūza Home Concepts @hūzahomeconcepts, rounded up a few budget-friendly ideas and stores  to shop so that you can snag gorge holiday decor without breaking the bank. If you follow Malaika then you already know she’s the real deal, and we’re so here for her Pinterest home IRL IG feed. Check out her holiday design on a dime tips below!   

  1. One of my favorite ways to welcome this cozy season into my home without spending too much money transforming living spaces is by use of decorative pillows. I add them to my couch and in bedrooms. They instantly perk up a room. You can make a literal holiday statement with these pillows. I find pillows in every style and color at some of my favorite stores such as Home Goods, Ross Dress for Less, Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx & Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and let’s not forget the ever time-saving online stores such as Wayfair and Amazon.  

 2) Adding candles and lanterns as decor gives the home a warm, cozy feel. You can style the candles on your coffee table on a tray or without, on your entryway table if you have one, dining table, etc. Trays are great because they pull double duty; use them for styling and for serving your guests. I strive to purchase multifunctional items.

3) One of my favorite things to do is shop my own backyard during this season for Mother Nature-inspired decor such as beautiful fall leaves, acorns, tree branches and other greenery to add to my vases. During fall, it’s so easy to be creative because you don’t have to do too much; Mother Nature has already provided the colors to work with. All you have to do is a style to your preference. Since Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and bountiful, pumpkins can be added throughout your home for decoration. You can go traditional using real pumpkins which you can buy from your local grocery store or unconventional with glam/velvet/ceramic pumpkins at the stores mentioned.  You can style these pumpkins again, on your tabletops/mantle or create a beautiful centerpiece at your dining table for that Thanksgiving feast with your loved ones.

4) Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree. And Christmas trees aren’t just for the primary hosting space. They come in a variety of sizes, prices, styles, and colors. Try a Christmas tree in your bathroom or your kids’ rooms. For example, the 6′ ft pre-light silver pencil tree I purchased at Walmart for less than $25 to decorate my son’s room. It was the right price, height didn’t take up too much space and was easy to spruce up with dollar store decor and holiday signage.

Here are my favorite stores to shop for my Christmas decor on a budget: 

1)Home Stores

They have a huge selection and numerous aisles dedicated to everything Christmas. Beautiful ornaments, decor, garlands, wreaths, etc., in every size, theme, and color at an affordable price.

2) The Dollar Tree

SUPER affordable and they, too, have a variety of decor to pick from. Dollar Tree is also a great place to shop for DIY projects. Your feelings won’t be too hurt should your project not turn out the way you predicted because you only spent a dollar an item. DIY mommas, this is the place to find and tweak your design style. And it’s also great to get the whole family involved, especially the kids, using Dollar Tree decorations. Let them get in on the fun encouraging them to painting ornaments, adorn items in glitter like pumpkins, etc. 

3) Home Goods

4) TJ Maxx and Marshalls

5) Ross Dress For Less 

6) Pier 1

7) Wayfair

 I hope these home decor ideas and budget friendly stores help ease the stress and anxiety that comes with getting your home holiday ready.

Happy shopping and wishing you a blessed holiday season. 

Malaika Lubega

Professional Home organizer and interior decorator.

Hūza Home Concepts@hūzahomeconcepts