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National Pack Your Lunch Day Tips With Reset Lifestyle

Hey, #DMVMomTribe mamas, hey!

This is Wintana from Reset Lifestyle, your dietitian, health coach and stylist.

I’m here celebrating National Pack Your Lunch Day! Yes, it’s a thing. It seems like there’s a holiday for everything, but as a mom of two that regularly packs our lunches, this holiday is all me!

There are so many benefits of packing your lunch.

  1. By packing your lunch you’ll never hangry enough to make poor food decisions and held hostage by the vending machine options. If you’re on a fitness journey, packing your lunch (and meal prepping) is your best bet.

2. Packing your lunches will limit consumption of processed foods. Again, keeping you healthier.

3. Most importantly, you save money!! Buying lunch daily adds up, doesn’t it? $7 burgers and $15 salads will definitely have you side eyeing your bank account by the end of the week. By packing your lunches you’ll save and have more coins to play with on the weekend.

Here are some lunch packing tips:

1. Get in the habit of packing your lunch before you eat dinner, it will increase your likelihood of  taking lunch. After dinner, you’re stuffed and not inclined to do much of anything. So pack up before you eat!

2. Meal prep for the entire week on Sundays. Then you don’t have to think about lunch from day to day.

3. Lastly, work on your lunch bag game. The cuter the lunch box the higher chance you are going to use it. You can find cute lunch boxes at Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, Amazon, etc.

Leopard Lunch Tote – Target, $9.99

Maybe try out packing your lunches next Monday. Or why wait until then; give it a try tomorrow, and let us know how it goes. Until next time, have a wonderful week.